Auction Sales Platform


The platform functionality translates into extensive and practical experience in building and operating an on-line auction system which not only enables you to automate recurrent tasks, but also to develop comprehensive security mechanisms for the data being collected
The platform functionality translates into extensive and practical experience in building and operating an on-line auction system which not only enables you to automate recurrent tasks, but also to develop comprehensive security mechanisms for the data being collected:

  • Personal data encryption – all personal data stored in the database are encrypted.
  • Security policy – meticulous security policy concerning the authentication process, i.e. password strength defining, password expiration time setting, password expiration reminder etc.
  • Record of changes – the system automatically records and saves a complete register of changes introduced to on-line auction and user items.
  • Encrypted database – entire internal communication (messages) is saved in an additionally encrypted database.
  • Secure communication – the client-to-server communication layer is managed using secure protocols (AMF + SSL).

The features offered by the SAI on-line auction system are divided into two domains:

  • Administration console
  • Public domain including the Bidder panel


  • Register new Seller, Operator or Department accounts.
  • Implement the Bidder’s autonomous registration module.
  • Manage Bidder’s/Seller’s statuses.
  • Review the history of editing operations for Bidder’s/Seller’s items.
  • Review the history of access operations for the Bidder/Seller.
  • Define multiple Sellers blind to each other’s auctions.
  • Implement the notification and messaging module.
  • Use the search panel to find user’s roles, statuses, names, surnames, tax id. numbers or personal id. numbers.


  • Manage a tree of product categories visible on the SAI system’s public level.
  • Manage product categories by defining attributes describing the given product, setting alternative IDs for products, creating new categories based on an existing product category (product category duplicating feature).


  • Access: Admin or Seller.
  • Manage the “lifecycle” of each product (statuses: bidding won, paid, completed).
  • Product list filtering according to user-defined criteria.
  • Review complete product history, i.e. putting the product on auction, product status changes.


  • Implement different auction types:
    • Falling price auctions (buying type).
    • Rising price auctions (selling type – manual, with agent, “buy now” option).
  • Set starting and minimum prices for auctions.
  • Multi-dimensional auction parameterization:
    • Define opening and closing date;
    • Set auto-extension by a pre-defined number of minutes of auction time when a bid is placed within pre-set last minutes;
    • Manage the auction display location in the portal (auction of the day, promoted auctions, highlighted auctions);
    • Set an option of premature auction closing by the moderator;
    • Manual auction confirmation required after auction closing;
    • Bid confirmed electronically or “on paper”;
    • Set the minimum/maximum price calculating algorithm.
  • Automated auction creation – based on a new product or auction re-opening for an existing item.
  • Automated bidding advancement setup depending on the item value.
  • Recoding of changes in planned and running auctions with an option of auction reviewing from the administration console level.
  • Full overview of the history of operations made for selected auctions.
  • Running auction cancellation procedure – a solution integrated with the record of auction changes,
  • List of bids for the given auction – preview (including the agent-controlled auction mode – “Max. bids” tab) or management of bids placed (bid cancelling by the Seller/Admin, displaying auction results for manual bid confirmation).
  • Add photo galleries, attachments and links to YouTube videos.
  • Access to the auction item history from the auction module level; fast filtering option for the auction list considering an item from the selected auction.
  • Create restricted and limited-access auctions.
  • Create private limited-access auctions.
  • Access a complete record of changes for selected auctions.
  • Use a built-in module for communication with auction participants enabling the system to save every piece of auction-related information.


  • Create new messages to selected users, user groups or auction participants.
  • Filter message lists according to the message category, message sent date or message status.
  • Manage message templates, including static and dynamic templates.


  • Create reports (CSV format) concerning product lists.
  • Create reports (CSV format) concerning product lists with detailed views containing a list of additional item attributes marked as visible in the report section.
  • Create bidding history reports for individual auctions or products.
  • Create detailed auction reports with information on the items put up for auction.


  • Manage a list of current events displayed after the front-end page.
  • MicroCMS – edit the content of on-line auction service pages, e.g. auction rules, help etc.
  • Access profiles of logged-on users (Seller/Admin).